A new chapter

Let's talk - CosaVostra

TL;DR – I recently took over the role of CEO at CosaVostra, a digital strategy consultancy and creative agency, to pursue a simple mission: bringing people on efficient, inspiring and beautiful digital journeys.

Let There Be Light

6 years ago, I called Matthieu Stefani, an old friend – I had just sold my company and was ready for the next adventure. “Buddy, need help on anything?”

It was right at the start of CosaVostra. With him as well as two other amazing partners, François and Pierre, we’ve found ourselves on the same side of the battle: we were fed up with brands delivering senseless content to their users, using websites with stupid user experiences, being proposed horrible pictures and videos on social networks. 

Since then, we’ve worked incredibly hard on building an organisation focused on the people, the users and our clients: at CosaVostra, we help brands, businesses and media companies grow in visibility, singularity and efficiency. By designing digital strategies, smart platforms and interfaces as well as content and acquisition plans that make sense for their business.

Fast forward

6 years later, we’ve accomplished an honest job, averaging 60% growth year on year. Even in 2020 with the context you’re all aware of.

I’m blessed to have close to 70 fantastic and brilliant colleagues in Paris, Tunis, Bordeaux and London. It’s not easy to attract top talents, it’s even more difficult to retain them. Today, I’m impressed by all my coworkers, every day.

I’ve worked with fascinating clients: from indie watchmakers to leading LGBT media, from high end jewelry to Mountain View “startups”, from the best wineries to the biggest festival in Europe … to name a few. When I look at our clients’ list, I’m speechless: Dior, Sony, Kellogg’s, L’Oréal, Google, Microsoft, Mondadori, Altice Media, Hermès, to name a few. 

We were lucky enough to buy our offices in Paris and Bordeaux.

Through our startup studio, Pareto, we’ve launched 10 great startups and sold 6 of them.

Our podcasts add up to over 500 000 listeners each month and lead the way in the French B2B podcast industry.

We’ve welcomed brilliant partners onboard, Louis Dumoulin and Timothée Le Vert. And, most of all, we’re still “together” — partnerships can be tough 🙂

Starting Blocks

As the company grows, our roles as partners change and our appetite doesn’t satiate: we’re hungry for more.

Despite the challenging context in 2020, our growth was sustained. We are, among others, thought leaders on a rapidly moving market where innovation is key: France is one of the most innovative countries in the world, in front of China.

Models change as fast as seasons: from e-commerce to media, from luxury to automobile, and technologies evolve on a daily basis. We ought — for ourselves as well as our clients — to always be one step forward, foresee what’s coming and plan the next move.

CosaVostra is an amazing agency and we’re building quite a following.

Whatever the side on the fence you find yourself on, CosaVostra wants to become THE agency you want to work with – or for – in Europe.

While embracing and nurturing our co-workers’ diverse talents and profiles, we fully commit ourselves to one goal: to help our clients understand their hidden strengths and master their own destiny.

We have strong ambitions fueled by our sustained growth and the solid relationships we’ve built with our clients. Within the next 4 years, we want to triple our size and open new European offices, probably starting with Germany and Switzerland.

To achieve this, as of September 2020, I’ve taken on the role of CEO of CosaVostra. Matthieu will become Executive Chairman. Together, and with our amazing colleagues and partners, we’ll work tirelessly to pursue growth opportunities while never compromising on our core values and beliefs: pragmatism, integrity and courage.

Our North Star

We are obsessed with bringing people on efficient, inspiring and beautiful digital journeys.

And to fulfill this mission, we’ll take advantage of our startup founding experience. It’s a true mindset on which we onboard our clients: test, measure, analyse, optimize. And repeat.

We accept the fact that mistakes can happen and the need to start over. But you never really lose — you either win or learn: our entrepreneurial experience as well as our podcasts help us evangelise those concepts widely.

So what we bring to the table is a perfect blend of concept, design, development and storytelling, with the consistent aim of  having a positive impact.

A place to call home

I’ve used the terms “colleague” or “partners” above, but truth be told, CosaVostra feels more like a family, and our offices — even in remote — a home.

And this might be our biggest achievement: CosaVostra is a humane company with amazing people I love and respect. I wish to be able to continue to offer such a welcoming place to anyone joining our adventure and mission, while always trying to progress and better ourselves.

We’re always looking for amazing talents who share our vision and values – if that’s the case for you, you should definitely let us know: drop us a line now !